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Corporate Greed — The Twilight Zone

In talking about the new upsurge in corporate avarice and shareholder’s defaults were reminded of another gold colored rule pertinent to all human societies: where there is income, there is also loss. In the case of companies, the loss can be in the form of job losses, bankruptcies, lockouts or a collapse in the economy. Corporate and business avarice is no not the same as the hunger in the pavements for food or the thirst for energy for a human tribe; countless living organisms is maintained by the exploitation of all-natural resources on the expense of others. Corporate avarice leads to simply loss, fatality and destruction. Now, we come across Wall Street banking companies writing away millions of dollars in credit card monetary with no someone collect this from, and corporations themselves filing meant for bankruptcy to flee the duty man.

It appears that corporate greed runs hence deep with out one at all seems to be worried anymore regarding the crazy bonuses paid out to management and the stock price going up thousands of percent in a matter of several weeks. Or the record quarterly profits paid out by biggest widely held organization in history. All of these things may well always be true, but I believe that something much deeper is at work here… At fault may very well be shareholder’s defaulting on their loans, their education loans, their very own tax refunds, their health insurance premiums and also other obligations.

shareholder’s defaulting prove responsibilities towards the company makes a ripple result, beginning near the top of Wall Street. Corporate greed works to increase the wealth of fewer numbers of individuals, only some of to whom receive the same return individual investment. Promote holders will decide collectively not to shell out their mortgage loans and they will want to foreclose about those homes or businesses that have currently gone into foreclosure. Once this occurs, more groups and people in general lose all their homes, businesses and their capability to create wealth. Business greed leads to mass failure of this middle class and this in turn breeds more corporate avarice… the vicious cycle starts.

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